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RKT-3 Three-Phase Switch

RKT-3 Three-Phase Switch


The process for automation of distribution grids is quickly advancing.

Projects with schedule in progress.

Some of our projects will enter in commercial phase.
The improvement of electric power quality indicators and the focus for greater efficiency are mandatory in a market with regulated prices.


Our solution

The growth of distributed generation sources is a major challenge in protection studies, demanding more switching and automation equipment in the field, which can be remotely monitored and controlled, by effectively and economically way.
RKT-3 is being developed to meet the market’s demand for equipments with more value added, with more embedded features, very low maintenance, no batteries, and 100% recyclable material!


Self-powered by harvest energy
Integrated with SCADA integration
100% Polymeric Body
No external control panel
Light weight...very light

Another project that will be in commercial phase very soon.