Recloser Rocket-1®

The market’s challenge

About 80% of the faults in overhead power distribution lines are temporary and can be cleared by using reclosers.

Traditional solutions for protection and automation of overhead distribution power lines are highly complex and do not fully meet the demands from utilities, especially about single-phase networks. Most of the time, the equipment is restricted to local commands and operations, requiring the deployment of a complete crew in the field for operation and maintenance of the equipment, generating high costs and periodic interventions. Moreover, these equipments have limitations in configurations.


Remote-controlled smart grid solution that reduces permanent fault events by up to 80%

The Solution
Rocket-1® Single-Phase Recloser is a smart grid solution for single and three-phase power lines. It has an onboard communication module which enables the supervision and remote control of the recloser through IoT networks, representing a cost reduction of up to 80%, related to the expenses with field trips and compensations.
Rocket-1® is easily installed in conventional fuse cutouts, without the need to use of special tools.

About Rocket-1

In this video, we present the main features of Rocket-1. It is possible to understand the cost-benefit relation that the energy utility will obtain with Rocket-1.

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Smart Grid Solution
Advantages Product

Protection, communication and remote control

Fully developed and manufactured by Hart BR, Rocket-1® Single-Phase Recloser combines protection, communication, automation, and remote control features in the same equipment.

Everything is useful and economically feasible, by using available IoT communication technologies.


Protection with longer reclosing times

In addition to the Sectionalizer and Switch Mode (protections off) features, Rocket-1® has 4 operations up to lockout (without the recloser dropping from the fuse cutout).

Bluetooth and IoT Network Communication

Communication and parameterization are done locally via App (Bluetooth) or remotely via IoT networks.

Remote Control via IoT Networks

By using the onboard communication module, it is possible to supervise and remotely control Rocket-1® via SCADA systems.
Mechanical Levers

Command system for local or remote operation

Rocket-1® Recloser is mechanically operated by the yellow and blue levers.
Local Mode
When one of the levers is pulled down, Rocket-1 goes to Local Mode, ignoring any remote commands from SCADA or App Hart Devices.
Remote Mode
When the levers are in normal position, Rocket-1 is always in Remote Mode, ready for SCADA commands and connection via App Hart Devices.
Technical Characteristics

Main technical features of Rocket-1®

Self-powered by the primary medium-voltage of electrical grid

Rocket-1® has an internal self-powering circuit and has no batteries nor electrolytic capacitors.
The energy for its operation is stored in an ultra-capacitors power bank;
It doesn’t use batteries and electrolytic capacitors, which means reduced maintenance and hazardous waste disposal costs;
In open position, Rocket-1 has an autonomy of up 5 days, being able, during this period, to receive remote commands from SCADA system;
Auxiliary power supply by photovoltaic panels, located at the bottom of the equipment;​
Access by Hart Devices App is always available locally, regardless the current on the primary network;
For use in laboratory, Rocket-1 has two options of chargers, a wireless one and a cable charger, without the need to use a relay test bench to apply current in the recloser;
For standard, a cable charger is always supplied with each recloser.

Mechanical indicator for local signaling

Rocket-1® has a mechanical indicator, connected to the vacuum interrupter, for “Open” and “Closed” signaling.
High intensity LEDs:
Switch Mode - Sectionalizer Mode – Three-phase Mode – Live-Line enabled - Recloser lockout - Active communication signalization (by Bluetooth and IoT)
Through the App, all information is available, including a log of the last 1,000 events, with 1 ms time stamp (time stamp from onboard GPS).

Digital and analog sensors with remote supervision

Rocket-1® has internal temperature and humidity sensors, as well as an electric field sensor to detect the presence of voltage on the grid, which helps the recovery systems, giving information for a quick decision making.
Accelerometer to indicate whether the recloser is positioned in the fuse cutout or if it has been disengaged by crew, for network maintenance, for example;
Magnetic Hall-effect sensors detect the position of the manual levers;
The rated current is measured by a CT (current transformer), which ensures a great accuracy within the entire Recloser’s operating range.

Geopositioning to indicate the exact location of the fault

With an onboard GPS, Rocket-1 will dynamically inform the SCADA about the exact location of the fault. No settings are required, ensuring fast field crew deployment, in cases of permanent faults.
Rocket-1 internal clock is also synchronized by GPS signal. Thus, all events registered is time stamped, providing a reliable sequence of events;
Reliable time stamping also enables local access security by Hart Devices APP. Rocket-1 requests access tokens that changes accordingly to the date of the recloser.

Telecommunication by IoT networks

Locally Hart Devices APP provides access to monitor and configure Rocket-1, by a secure Bluetooth connection.
Rocket-1 requests access tokens, that changes accordingly to the recloser’s serial number and access date. There are three levels of access to the equipment.
Rocket-1 can be remotely controlled and configured through IoT networks. The integration with SCADA system has no limitations; all analog and digital variables are available for reading.
Technological evolution of Telecom media is guaranteed by a standardized communication bus, allowing other communication technologies, as they emerge, to be quickly integrated into Rocket-1.
Android and iOS App

Hart Devices App local operations

Watch the video and check out a few features of Hart Devices App!

Commands by Hart Devices APP

Besides helping to reduce service time and increase operational safety, with Hart Devices APP it’s possible to access Rocket-1 by Bluetooth for:
Readings and commands;
Event log analysis;
Protection settings;
Checking IoT network connection status;
Exporting events log;
Import and export protection settings.

Further details regarding the application are described in the brochure.

Cutting-edge IoT Technology

Integration with SCADA system with Cyber Security

LoRaWAN and NB-IoT (Internet of Things) technology ensure that data communication between field devices and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems is always secure, because they offer end-to-end data encryption, dedicated to network and application servers.
Onboard radio and antenna
Internal Modules powered by the recloser
No external devices are required
Integration by standard protocols
Low cost
IoT Protocol Broker

ArpeggIO® Suite

ArpeggIO Suite provides integration between IoT network and legacy systems

ArpeggIO is a system that operates as a broker for IoT protocols, such as MQTT, providing integration of Rocket-1 with utility systems.
Device connection management;
Cyber security algorithms;
Remote firmware update;
Recloser remote configuration;
Configuração remota dos religadores;
IoT protocol conversion to DNP3, IEC-61850, IEC-104, and others;
Logics por automation and system restoration;
SQL database.
Cost vs. Benefit

End-to-end benefits

Look at the main features that provide greater reliability and better results for the whole Utility ecosystem.

Improvement in SAIDI and SAIFI indicators

Reduction of power outages, thanks to the application of the Rocket-1 recloser.


The use of standard communication networks and protocols allows Rocket-1 to be integrated with all traditional utility company systems.

Reduced total cost of ownership and installation

With higher added value, Rocket-1 does not require installation of a new fuse cutout, has onboard communication, and supports longer operation cycle, maintenance free.

Reduced field service time

With Rocket-1 integrated into utility systems, it’s possible to reduce the field crew service time and the risks of related accidents. The remote monitoring of the grid variables helps the operation and planning.

Additional Information

Learn more about Rocket-1

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Product tested in

In compliance with IEEE C37.60-2019, Rocket-1® Single-Phase Recloser has been tested and passed in all tests. Highlighting the following:

Continuous current test - 200A​ // Surge current - 65kA​ // Protection degree - IP65 // Overcurrent switching tests- 4.2kA/1s // Minimum tripping current - 4A // Mechanical operations​ // Partial discharges​ // Dielectric tests // Time vs. Current test (ANSI and IEC curves)