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Interoperability is a recurring topic in the market.

Ongoing project.

Some of our projects will enter in commercial phase.
In an environment of technological evolution, it’s mandatory to ensure that new equipments can coexist with previous communication solutions, or even legacy systems.
COMBOX will make IoT devices compatible in situations where the proper ecosystem does not exist yet.


Our solution

Devices based on IoT communication typically use traffic-optimized protocols over narrowband networks, such as MQTT. IoT Protocols still cannot be natively interpreted by conventional supervisory systems. Sometimes the installation site of automation devices are quite remote, requiring the use of communication modules with greater power and range, such as satellite radios.
COMBOX provides IoT devices integration with standard utility systems, using traditional communication technologies, such as 3/4G modems, Satellite/UHF radios or even fiber optic. COMBOX integrates field devices with the utility company's supervisory systems, via DNP3.0 protocol.


Support any radio or communication technology on the market.
Communication with Rocket-1 or Floco via Bluetooth
Native DNP3 protocol support
RJ45 and Serial-RS232 Ethernet ports
Powered with low voltage
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system

Another project that will be in commercial phase very soon.